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Here's a handy .zip full of screenshots and some logos.


Developers: Sean Hogan and Joni Kittaka
Release Date: February 4th, 2013
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux (Desura, Gamersgate, Direct)
Regular Price: $10 (USD)


Sean began the development of Anodyne in March 2012, and met Joni in late June. As they are both students, they have worked together on Anodyne since, in between summer and academic year responsibilities.

Development News

News is frequently posted to Anodyne's IndieDB Page. You'll do Joni and I a huge favor if you watch our IndieDB Page, or better yet, tell a few friends about Anodyne!

I (Sean) also occasionally update my blog with design and programming commentary on the development of Anodyne. I also have a tendency to post new screenshots via my Twitter feed.

Press Coverage

Do you write about or make videos of games? I'll send you a review copy - e-mail me at !

These mentions are all from before release. I'm working on making a new page for post-release press.

  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun "The demo...shows some smart design and has a charming weirdness to it." "...the hit detection and feel of movement in the demo are spot on."
  • PC Gamer "... a top-down tribute of Zelda-esque dungeon derring-do with a 16-bit coat"
  • Indie Statik "...there's much more to the game than just a rise from zero to hero via means of dispatching of foe and conquering puzzle rooms..."
  • Kill Screen
  • Jayisgames
  • ExtraGuy
  • respavvn
  • IndieGraph
  • IndieGameMag
  • True PC Gaming
  • Gaming Blend
  • Blue's News
  • Wraithkal
  • HookShot inc.
  • Announcement at

  • Interviews

    We've done a few interviews about Anodyne and ourselves:

  • Twinfinite (Podcast, Sean and Joni)
  • AFK Indiecast (Podcast, Sean)
  • Gaming Irresponsibly
  • Indiegameschannel

  • Talks, LPs

    Sean gave a talk on aesthetics and game design in Anodyne [52:10].

    Let's Play Videos

    Some people have even been kind enough to record videos of them playing:

  • Indie Impressions (Nick "RockLeeSmile" Reineke)
  • Laurentiu from GamerTies
  • The Pixel Pirate
  • Phedran

  • Music

    Get the OST at Bandcamp

    Sheet Music!
    Fields/Windmill (Solo Piano)


    Anodyne is in development by Sean Han-Tani-Chen-Hogan and Joni Kittaka. I (Sean) do the programming and music, Joni does the artwork. We split the design work - e.g., I design dungeons, Joni focuses on story.